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Wood – transformation and rebirth

Our secret!

Thanks to a careful selection of the material, the solid wood or the panel that our furniture is made of, this is always of excellent quality. Indeed, to maintain a high standard, the control represents the first steps of our production and lasts both in the processing and in the testing phase.

After checking the drying rate and any waste of the damaged boards, the wood is ready to be transformed by our carpenters with the use of high-precision computerized machinery (programmable machining center), in all stages of processing: from cutting of the boards to the hot gluing of the various strips obtained.

Thanks to a careful use, our computerized machines are able to produce the various components of the furniture which will then pass to the phases of sanding, gluing and finishing.

The sanding phase is carried out in our factories with a new concept of machinery in accordance with CE standards that allows us to obtain a high quality level and accurate product.

From the polishing phase, the various elements obtained are selected on the basis of the paint color they will be used for: light, dark, RAL, natural. We then proceed with the gluing of the various elements for the realization of furniture that will be sent for painting.

And here is our product, obtained with modern processing but with rigorous and expert control.

Wine Wood Cellar

Showcases and refrigerated cellars for wines and beverages.

Sofas and Armchairs

Our sofas stand out for their handcrafted construction and the use of the highest quality material.

Furnishing Accessories

Various furniture and accessories that embellish and make the spaces of your home functional and comfortable.

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